How To Fix a Roomba Making a Clicking/Knocking Noise

Follow the “How-To-Fix-It” instructions in this article and video to repair your Roomba

Is your Roomba making a clicking/knocking noise while operating?
Does it randomly stop and tell you to clean the brushes, however they’re already clean?

Tools/items needed:

  • screwdriver
  • white lithium grease
  • toothpicks
  • paper towels


This is a common problem with Roombas.  After months of usage, it will start to build dirt, grime, hair, etc. into the gearbox.  The gearbox contains several gears which can’t turn properly when it is full of dirt.

I’ll blame my problem on my dog, because most of the issue inside my gearbox was hair.  This video shows you how to get into the gearbox.  Once you get into this, you’ll have to do some heavy cleaning.  After that is done, put a little grease on the gears and put it all back together again.

This is a pretty easy fix, but I’ve noticed that this will not prevent dirt buildup in the gearbox again.  So, you will have to clean it out again in about 10 – 12 months.  Or whenever you start hearing the clicking / knocking noises again.

Comment below if this has helped your Roomba problems.




  1. Do you have any more suggestions on how to fix this clicking / error clean brushes, problem?
    Because i just done a very good job of cleaning the gears just like you said, and mine is still doing the exact same thing!
    There was a lot of pet hair in there so i figure that would fix it for sure, but it didn’t.

    Could i have put any of the gears back in the wrong place?I don’t think so? I didn’t mark them because there is only one big gear and one small one, then all the rest are the same, so they should be able to go in any of the remaining spots, correct?
    I also used a spray white lithium grease as the lube, is that ok?

    PLEASE let me know what else it could be.
    Thanks so much!

  2. This worked! Thank you so much! However, while trying to get the tiny screws out on my 2nd Roomba, I stripped one out that holds the green plastic table. Any ideas on what to do?

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