How to Add a Cup Holder to an Adirondack Chair

In this 1st video from How to Fix it Workshop, we show you how to add a cupholder to a plastic Adirondack chair.

Tools/items needed:

Drill, Jigsaw, File, Pencil, Icing/Frosting Container, & Adirondack chair.


These chairs can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes for under 20 bucks.  So, with a cheap plastic frosting container, you can easily add a cup holder.

Since this video was shot, we have learned that you may want to drill a hole at the bottom of the frosting cup.  This allows for rainwater to drain out easily.  Otherwise, the container may eventually crack.  But, they can easily be swapped with a new frosting cup (after you eat the icing out of it of course).

Please comment below if you’ve taken on this project, or have some tips to make it better.



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