Convert Battery Operated Devices to AC Power

We have a Baby Bassinet that our daughter slept in when she was smaller. It plays music, has a nightlight, and has a vibration feature. The vibration and music features were used constantly. It would help lull her to sleep. Unfortunately, we would go through a lot of batteries. In fact, I was replacing them about every other week.

Since we didn’t move the bed, I figure plugging it in would be a better option than constantly changing batteries.

Tools Needed:
1/4″ doll rod
1/4″ long screws
AC Adapter
shielded wire
wire stripper
dremel tool

First thing I had to figure out is how much power this device takes to run. It uses 4 AA batteries. Each AA battery is 1.5V. So, 4 batteries = 6V. I was able to find a 6V AC adapter on Amazon. In case you didn’t know AAA, AA, C, & D batteries are all 1.5V each.

Measure your doll rod to the same length as a AA battery. Cut them to size. I cut out 4 doll rods to the same length as a AA Battery, drilled a pilot hole on each end, and screwed a screw on both sides. But, don’t tighten the screw completely.

Take the AC adapter and cut off the connector end. Strip the 2 wires, connect one to each end of your dummy battery and tighten the screw. Mark the positive and negative ends of the battery. Usually the wire with the white stripe or dashed line is positive.

Take a small piece of wire and connect both screws on your other 3 dummy batteries and tighten the screws down. These batteries won’t matter which end is positive or negative, so you won’t have to label these.

Use a Dremel tool to cut a little notch in the back battery cover to feed the wire through. Connect your Labeled dummy battery in the correct way (Positive & Negative). Put the other 3 dummy batteries in place and put on the back cover.

Plug your device in the wall and test out the buttons. You’ve now got an AC Powered device!



  1. I have done this same thing and the appliance does not work. Any thoughts on why this might be the case? Thanks,

  2. Hello, I am in need of advice. I purchased a natural gas tankless water heater which uses 2 each D batteries to ignite and control the digital display. I wish to convert the battery to an adapter. Is it possible that you would kindly recommend which type of adapter to use? I’ve watched your video videos on the process but I don’t know which one to purchase, 3 volt? 0.5, a, b,c ? I’m confused? Please help. Thank you, Marie

  3. Does this method work if the batteries are configured end to end on the device instead of side by side?

  4. I tried to replace AA battery with 1.5 volts adapter to an aerosol spray machine (air freshener spray dispenser), it didn’t work.

    The spray machine with the battery works with a timer scheduled for either 8,15 or 30 minutes intervals, however with the adapter connected it’s not. Although there’s power when checked with a voltmeter.

    Please advice

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