Magnetic Child Locks for Cabinets

Once your child gets old enough to crawl around and explore the house, it won’t be long before they’re in places they shouldn’t be.  One of those places is the cabinet below the kitchen sink.  If you’re like most people, you probably keep your cleaning supplies and chemicals in there.  So, you’ll need some kind of lock, so little ones can’t get their hands on these potentially dangerous products.

I have tried these Safety 1st child locks at home and wanted to share these with our readers.  They are super-simple to install.  In fact, there are no tools required.

Simply stick the latch end to the frame of the cabinet.  Next, peel the backing off the yellow guide and close your cabinet.

The guide sticks to your cabinet door.

Use the guide to stick the lock to the cabinet door.  You can now remove the yellow guide from your cabinet.  You’re done!  This thing is installed

Little ones are now unable to open these cabinets.

Use this little magnetic key to open up the cabinet.


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