Flying Ghost DIY Halloween Prop using an Oscillating Fan

Long ago, I created a Reaching hands prop on Instructables.  It consisted of an oscillating fan and a couple fake hands.  The fan was mounted to my patio roof and covered with black tarp.  It gave the illusion of a hands reaching down from the ceiling.

Here’s the old prop in motion.  The only problem was, you needed a way to mount the fan to the ceiling in a weird way.  I usually used a rope to tie it so it’s facing down.  So, I decided to try making a new prop with the fan.

Using a little fishing line, and a pulley system using eyehooks, I was able to use the fan to animate a ghost.  The ghost was made with parts found at home depot.  All you need is a fan that oscillates, some eyehooks, cheesecloth, fishing line, and skeleton parts.

Shopping List:

Oscillating Fan


Fishing Line

Cheese Cloth

Skull & Skeleton Hands

Check out the video at the top to see how easy it is to build this project.


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