Easy Phone Mount for your Car

Would you like an Easy to build Phone mount for your Car?  Well look no further!

neededTools/Items Needed:

Parachute Cord, Rubber Bands, 1 Large Binder Clip, Vise (or Vise grips or pliers), & scissors


Take your Binder clip, and bend the looped ends inward using your vise.  Depending on the size of your phone, you may need to bend the metal more than I did above.


Cut a piece of ParaCord (Parachute Cord) then pull the inside of the cord out.  Slip the paracord cover over both bent parts of the clip.  I was able to find ParaCord at Walmart in the craft aisle for only $2.


Now wrap a couple rubberbands around the binder clip to add some tension.  It will need enough to hold onto your phone really tight, but not too tight.


The mount is now complete.  Clip the black part of the clip on your vent in your car.


Now pull apart the other ends of the clip, and put your phone in place.  Make sure to clip it where it’s not gripping on one of your phone buttons.

This project is really simple, and can be made in a matter of minutes if you have all the materials.  Please comment below if you have made one of these or have any ideas to improve it.




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