Change your Oil and Replace Oil Filter (Toyota, Lexus, Scion)

Changing your oil on your car can be a pretty easy job.  It can save you a lot of money doing it yourself instead of going to a quicky-lube place.  Although, pretty much everything in this video is universal, the oil filter is different on a 2009 Toyota Matrix.


tools needed

Tools needed:

Oil, Oil Pan, Socket Set, Pliers, towels, Car Ramps, New Oil Filter, Oil Filter Wrench


Many models of cars use an oil filter, that is one unit that is removed and replaced (1 for 1).  However with this Toyota, the filter is removed with a special kind of oil filter wrench.  You are only replacing the inside of the filter and a new o-ring (gasket).

The Oil filter wrench that I purchased fits Toyota & Lexus Vehicles with 4 Cylinders & some 6 : 2009-2015 Corolla 2009-2015 Matrix 2007-2015 Prius 2010-2015 Rav4 2008-2015 Lexus CT200h 2008-2015 Scion XD 1.8L 2005-2015 Scion TC 1990-2015 Camry 4 cyl, V6 (2007-2008) Avalon (2005-2008) Highlander 4 cyl (2001-2008) V6 (2008) Tundra (2007-2008) Sienna (2007-2014).


I prefer using ramps when I change my oil, but jacks on either side would work as well.  Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have your own hydraulic lift, go ahead and use that too.  Just make sure your car is in park with the emergency brake on.


Once you find the location of your oil filter and oil plug, figure out which socket fits your plug.  In my case it was a 9/16″.


Loosen your oil plug and get your oil pan ready for the old oil to shoot out.  I usually use a towel or something while loosening the plug to avoid a big mess.


Use the Oil Filter Wrench to loosen the oil filter.  Loosen it the rest of the way with your hands.  More oil will pour out this way as well.



Here’s the oil filter.  Remove the inside of it, and also the o-ring (gasket).  Lube the new o-ring with fresh oil and snap it back on the filter.


Put the new oil filter in the oil filter housing, then screw it back in place.  Use the Oil filter wrench to tighten it all the way in place.  Then put the oil plug back in place, and tighten it with the socket wrench.


Make sure your oil filter & oil plug are tight and in place before you add new oil.  You don’t want a big mess!  Check your owners manual for the exact amount of oil to add to your car.  In my case, I’m adding 4.7 quarts.  Once you are done adding the oil, check the dipstick to make sure everything looks full.  This would also be a great time to refill your window washer fluid.

Congratulations!  You just changed your oil!

I know I was messy in this video, but you try to shoot a video with one hand while unscrewing an oil filter with the other. 🙂


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