Fix Airflow issues with your HVAC vents

How To Fix Airflow issues from your furnace/AC vents

I noticed when I turned my AC on for the first time this year, the air blowing from the vents was very weak.  I figured there must be some reason for this.  Today, I’m going to show you how to get your HVAC unit back in shape, by cleaning it out and fixing any airflow issues from your vents that you may be experiencing.


Tools / items needed:


First and Foremost – Turn off all power to your HVAC unit.  Turn the power off for your HVAC on your breaker box.  Also, turn off any switches on the unit itself.  You don’t want to get shocked.


Check your air filter and see if it can be replaced.  Mine was overdue to be replaced.  I suggest using the cheaper green air filters.  You can usually get a 3 pack for about $2.  They will allow more air flow than the pleated filters, so your unit won’t have to work as hard.  This will save on energy costs.  Change these filters out about ever 6 weeks.


Unscrew your cover on your unit.  On my unit I had to use a socket set, however your unit may be a little different.  Once you get the cover off, you should be able to see the coils/fins that the air passes through to get cooler.


The fins are usually where you will see dirt, hair, & gunk.  I spray this with Simple Green (1 part Simple Green, 5 parts water).  Then scrub off all the gunk with a scrub pad.  I actually use a “scrub daddy”, which seems to work really well.  Be careful not to bend any of the fins when you are cleaning.  If you do, you can always get a fin comb to straighten them back out.


After you clean all the gunk out of there, replace the cover and put a new filter in place.  Now turn everything on, and you will get better airflow coming out of your vents.  I found that my house was significantly cooler.  I hope you find this tip as useful as I did.


  1. Trying to troubleshoot an AC air flow problem (& temp differences from one side of my house vs. the other side) in my one story 1,500 sq. ft. split plan 3/2 Florida home. I have a 3 ton Trane AC unit, new single pane windows, no basement, shingle roof installed 7 years ago, & I have a East/West exposure (sun exposure same of both sides of my home).

    In Sept/2018, I had a mother-in-law suite constructed (1 bath, & two 10 x 12 rooms) on one side of my home, by adding a solid core door to the hallway- which created a separate dwelling. An exterior door was then installed, which allowed for a private entrance to the suite. Immediately, there was an air flow problem- my side was freezing (a lot of air flow) & suite was almost 4 degrees warmer (reduced air flow). At that point, I had Midway AC put in additional returns & change out the duct work on that side. They also put a manual damper in the attic to increase air flow on the suite side. Additionally, I had the attic insulation increased to R38.

    After all the work was completed, it seemed to help a lot. But now, 9 months later (with an increase in Florida temps), the temp in the suite is measuring 74 when I have the thermostat set for 70 (the thermostat is on my side). Also, my side of the house stays at 72.5 – 7.3 when I have it set for 70.

    Midway is scheduled to come out next week. I want to make sure that I am an informed customer- I have requested that they DO NOT send a green tech! I want someone that can effectively troubleshoot my situation. Will ask regarding- ducts sagging/elbows- creating friction/turbulence,

    It has been a tough road for me handling all this alone, as I am newly widowed & working full time to make ends meet. Are you able to give me any advise (e.g., how to quantify air flow per vent, check for leaks/gaps in ducts, specs on duct size etc., ducts sagging/elbows- creating friction/turbulence, installing an electronic remote control damper) ??

    I wish I could safely go up into the attic, but I am 60 yrs. old & afraid of getting hurt.

    Any help would be most appreciated!
    Linda Ellis 727-580-0128

  2. One room in our home has never had great air flow it’s not the farthest room from the equipment. What could be checked. We recently had maintenance done but didn’t mention that room.

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