DIY Halloween Prop / Animated Rocking Tombstone

This rocking tombstone is a simple and easy DIY Halloween Prop for your yard or perfect for your indoor Halloween décor.

For this project we used:
Scrap wood (2×4’s and OSB or plywood)
Various pieces of 3/4 inch and 1 inch diameter PVC
Small motor:
PVC cutter:
Skull and bones:

The animated rocking tombstone is 1 of 4 Halloween projects on our site.  The list includes:

DIY Coffin Build from Plywood
Oscillating Ghost Fan
Animated Skeleton Tombstone

This is Halloween prop is a pretty simple design.  We made the tombstone out of plywood, sprayed it with grey, and black to look like it’s made of stone.

The rocking effect gives it the illusion of someone trying to break out of the ground.  In order to add to this, I found a cheap skeleton hand and popped it up from the ground in front of the tombstone.

Adding a Purple / Blue Spotlight enhances the effect even more.

Check out the video above for more information.

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