How To Replace a Broken Clothes Dryer Belt

In this video we show you how to replace a broken belt on a Dryer.

Tools needed:

Screwdriver, crescent wrench, hammer/prybar (depends on the model), replacement dryer belt, vacuum (optional)


Sometimes, when you cause to much stress on a dryer it could break the dryer belt.  Never fear, this is an easy fix.  On this particular dryer, there was a heavy wet comforter put in the dryer.  It was just too heavy of a load, and it eventually broke the belt.

When the comforter didn’t come out dry after an hour, and we started to smell a burnt rubber smell, it was pretty evident that the dryer wasn’t spinning.  Most of the time, this is because the belt is broken.

I bought a “Universal” dryer belt at Lowes for only 8 bucks.  Read the package, you can usually see if it will fit your model of dryer.  I was working on a Whirlpool dryer, and this belt is “suited for most Whirlpool Dryers”.


A dryer doesn’t have much to it.  There’s a big drum, the belt and a motor.  There was only a few bolts and screws on this model to remove to get to the inside.  You may need a prybar or the back of a hammer to pry open the lid, as I did.

Once you’re on the inside and you remove the drum, I highly recommend vacuuming out any lint/dust build up.  You might as well do it now while you’re inside the machine.


Take the old belt off the machine, this one was broken, so it was pretty easy.  Wrap the new belt around the drum, and hook around the gear on the motor.  You can see how it’s hooked up on my dryer.  May sure the belt isn’t twisted.

So, after that, reverse the process, and put everything back together.  If all goes well, you’re dryer will work perfectly again and you’ll be back to doing laundry at home instead of your friend’s house.


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